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Boise Homes For Sale Real Time Boise Home Search updated constantly.  Be the first to find new listings by opening an account and set up a detailed Boise Home Search yourself, or call us!  208-870-2115!

Click above, for the most popular Boise Homes for sale.  Then click on the blue tab for price, type, beds, baths, etc.  Sort according to exactly what you want!  Then call to see any home you want to see in the Treasure Valley Idaho area!  Call Jon at 208-870-2115, tell me what you are looking to do and I will connect you with the right Boise area Realtor  for YOU.

Boise Realty The Best In Boise Real Estate Service! Real Estate in Boise for Sale!

All Boise Homes for sale listed in the MLS.  Get street views, maps, photos and all the information that you can imagine. The Multiple listings button on the left will take you to the best Boise real estate search tool you will ever find and the best Boise Exclusive Buyer agents and Boise Top Selling Listing agents!

Boise Bank owned homes for sale click here. That will be all of them!

All Boise Homes for sale!   Then easily customize your home search. 

New Construction Homes in Boise Click here!

All Meridian Homes for sale!

Tired of finding only short sales in Boise? Go HERE for all Boise not short sales and not foreclosure listings.

I sold this Boise County Home in less than a week!  Call me to sell your Boise County Home!  Or to buy a Boise County Home.  It was my hunting camp!

Easily find and sort all homes in the Treasure Valley.  Save your searches and be the first to see all new listings for homes that fit what YOU want to look at.

Boise Short Sales buyers Click Here.    Short Sale Sellers Click here.  You may be able to qualify for a government program to refinance your home even if you are upside down, or do a short sale and still get cash back.

Boise the fastest real estate comeback in the country!  Click to read more.

Then: Change the city or use the neighborhood tab on the power search and search by the exact subdivision you want!

Go here for information on buying or selling Boise area short sales and search all listed.

For frequently update real estate information please visit my Boise Real Estate Blog at  For the best Boise Real Estate MLS site click on multiple listings on the left!

U-Haul reported Boise as the second most U-Haul destination city. February 18,2011 report.

We will help you understand how to use this search page to find anything you want to.  If you want Meridian, Eagle, Nampa, just go to the drop down on the left where it says Boise and put the area or town you want.  Call to get hooked up with a buyer agent Realtor® to show you everything you want to see.  Don't use the bank listing agents!  They work for the bank.  Their job is to get the best deal for the bank.  Our job is to get the best deal for you!  Call any of my meet agents on the left tabs.  Or call 208-870-2115 and I will get you connected with an exclusive buyer agent fwho will work for you! 

Boise Real Estate search to search the MLS yourself or call for an automatic real time new listing update for all Boise Real Estate new listings.  Try the Multiple listings tab at the left and call any Realtor® that comes up!   Try both Best MLS and Multiple listings and use what you like best.  Bookmark this page so you know where to start.  If you got here on a sponsored link like HomeGain, it may be hard to find your way back.  Of course you can always just Google Boise Realty and this will be the first or second organic page you find.  This is an accumulation of 11 years of real estate information.  The MLS links on the left are simple and easy.  If you like to read you will want to come back here.

Boise subdivision search. Click here and then the neighborhood tab!

Boise Retirement Communities?  Click on this!  You will find retirement communities all over Idaho.  If you are looking anywhere in western Idaho we have experienced agents to show you homes.  If find what you want in Twin Falls to McCall Idaho we have partner Brokers to help you.  

For the first time in years I am considering buying investment real estate.  Between 1979 and 1998 I accumulated quite a lot of investment Real Estate.  During that time I owned commercial buildings, rental homes, and even a gas station/grocery store/motel.  I started selling it off and by 2004 I owned only two homes both which I live in and are paid off.  Home prices have plummeted and continue to drop.  But today I read something that I have been thinking myself. 

The Coming housing shortage in Boise Idaho!  Boise fits the picture.  Boom/bust.  Little building and builders bankrupt and out of business.  But Boise is still growing.  There is going to be a day when it catches up and rentals and homes are going to be far harder to rent and buy than now.

 Fox News reported that Real Estate prices, Home values have dropped considerably in the last spring because if the end of the home buyer tax credit.  So if you are a home buyer and skipped the credit you just probably will get a better deal now.  Home prices in the Boise area leveled off in July 2011.  Now at the end of February 2012 sellers are often getting multiple offers!

Some people are waiting to buy to see if houses drop in price more.  But it could backfire.  Interest rates have continued to drop to as low as less than 4%, It is harder to get a loan.   1% rise in interest on $100,000  is $83 per month.  Buyers are starting to get frustrated in Boise.  You need a good website to look at the Boise area listings.  Click the link bar on the top left of this page to the best Boise MLS (home listing webstite)

Sellers go here. (click)

Home inventories jumped 9.5% from January 2010 to now!  Click here to read more.

   Click on this and we will send you the Ada County or other SW Idaho home sales and homes for sale statistics.

What did the house down the street sell for?  Click here and send the address of the  home that sold!  I will send you back the sale price!

   Since this the home buyer tax credit ran out at the end of April 2010 Boise home prices have plummeted!  If you were trying to get the tax credit and missed you might have been lucky because now you can buy for even less!

Boise area first time home buyers bookmark this site.  We have lots of Boise Real Estate information that you will find nowhere else and I update information often.  Search by clicking the Multiple Listing tab on the left.  Call one of our agents to get set up on an automatic real estate search!  We have a lot of real estate information on our pages so I hope you will come back.  There is a lot of short sale and Bank owned property information at

There are some unbelievable prices in Kuna, Middleton, and Star.  These areas and Gem and Boise counties qualify for Idaho USDA Rural Development loans.  Qualified buyers get 100% financing, no PMI insurance and may qualify for prorated payments making your monthly payment hundreds of dollars less than a conventional loan.  If you might consider, or have a friend or relative who would consider these areas to be able to buy up to twice the house you can elsewhere call Jon at 208-870-2115 and I can connect you with a Rural Development loan consultant.

If you look around our web site you will find more real estate information than anywhere else.  If you just want to search for property click the Multiple Listings link on the left but bookmark this page and come back and look at all the information below including the latest Boise area, Ada and Canyon county real estate sales statistics and lots lots more.  For short sale and foreclosure information go to

Email to me and ask for bank owned (REO) or short sale listings in and around Boise.  Just tell me the area and price range and what else you want and ask for the bank owned and or short sale listings.

Why you should be very careful about talking to the listing agent on a home you are interested in buying.  Our search is giving you all listings. Not ours alone.

A listing agent is under contract with the seller before you ever meet him or her.  The listing agent's duty is to get the best deal for his or her seller.  Especially bank owned property brokers!  NOT YOU.  Use a buyer agent who will exclusively represent your best interest and help YOU get the best deal.  Lots of information below for all home buyers.    For short sale and foreclosure information try 

First time home buyers beware!  Many first time home buyers in the past few years are last time home buyers.  Click on this and ask for: What First Time Homebuyers Must Know To Avoid making The Biggest Mistakes!   

Click here to see Boise and Meridian area short sale approval letters!

Why would you buy or sell a home now?  Click here.

Now more than ever for both buying or selling you need a Realtor® with experience!  The right Realtor® can save you thousands of dollars when buying  or selling a home.  Real Estate turnover rate is huge.  80% of agents have less that 5 years of experience.  One out of three new agents are out of business in two years! You can become an agent with just 2.5 weeks of classroom training.  Jon Gosche has done hundreds of real estate transactions. His agents have been top producers for years.  They continue to get ongoing training and lots of personal broker help and broker supervision.  Call one of our agents today and get the information you need and ask to be set up on an automatic home search!

Buying a Boise area home or real estate?  Buyers Beware of listing agents! Click Here.

Protect yourself.  Know Idaho Real Estate agency law.  Click here, print and read.

Alternatives to foreclosure! Even if you have received a default notice, click here.

Contact one of our Realtors® to set you up on an automatic Homes or Land search.  You can do it yourself or we can set it up for you!  Set it and forget it!  Lots of buyer's real estate information on this page and all our links.

Click here for information on how it may be possible for you to buy Boise Real Estate for less than you can imagine!

Why it might be time to MOVE UP in the Boise Meridian area.  New Real estate statistics for 2011!  Boise homes for sale for less than in years.

All Boise Real Estate MLS.  All Boise Multiple Listings.  Best Boise Realty company.  Best agents.  Homebuyer's choice for finding new home listings. We were one of the first Boise Real Estate companies to put the MLS online for the public and have continued to be one of the Most used sites for buyers to search for homes for sale in the Treasure Valley and all Southwest Idaho.

Investors are getting KILLED with Boise area Real Estate.  But a few are getting rich.  Go here and see how to safely buy short sale homes, foreclosures and more.

Click here and get Boise area real estate help on YOUR terms!  Why short sale pros use Realtors®!

Boise Idaho Exclusive Buyer agents! Top producing Boise area Realtors® striving to be the Best!  Realtors® in Boise, Meridian, Eagle, Kuna, Star and Nampa Idaho!  Homes and Land for sale in Boise, Eagle, Meridian, Kuna and Nampa Idaho, Idaho City Idaho and Boise County! Boise Idaho Top Producer Realtors®!  Please bookmark this page so you don't lose it because we will give you exclusive information that most other real estate professionals won't!  Search the multiple listings for all homes, land and real estate listed in Boise, Meridian, Eagle, Kuna, Nampa and all south Idaho!  Find all the new, just listed homes by calling one of our agents and have them help you enter an automatic search for just listed homes.

You can search the MLS without signup!  But please click here to find out the easiest way to get new listing information, address and directions before anyone else does.

Idaho Real Estate Commission information to protect home buyers!  Click here and then on AGENCY BROCHURE!  Be an informed home buyer or home seller!  Learn what dual agency is and why whether buying, or selling a home you are at an advantage buy having an exclusive agency agreement with your Realtor®.  Your Realtor® can represent you exclusively either as a buyer or a seller but cannot represent both a buyer and seller exclusively for the same transaction.  A listing agent usually already has an exclusive agreement with the seller.  Therefore if you come to the listing agent yourself and use that agent to negotiate your contract he or she cannot represent you in the same way as an exclusive buyer's agent can.  The agent can however continue to have an exclusive agency position with the seller and write your contract.  That means you are on your own, know it or not.  Be informed.  This is the most important thing a new or first time home buyer NEEDS to know!

IT IS NOW OFFICIALLY A BUYERS REAL ESTATE MARKET In BOISE AND ALL OF IDAHO!   Boise Real Estate Multiple Listings Click right here!

Free satellite mapping from google earth. Click here! Download and type in the address or place you want to find! 

Learn how to find Boise homes for sale that YOU want at the BEST PRICE by Clicking here!

All Idaho Home sales statistics!  Click Here to see how homes are selling in Idaho!  Boise Home sales statistics year over year comparisons.   Boise Real Estate statistics.

Then click on Ada County for Boise, Meridian, and Eagle and Kuna Home sales.  Click on Canyon County for Nampa and Caldwell Home sales statistics. 

      Early Birds get the worm!  Call one of us to get set up or email to one of us asking how you can set it up yourself without a call please!


Existing and new homes in Boise, Meridian, Eagle, Nampa, Caldwell, Middleton Emmett, Idaho City, Garden Valley and Rural Idaho Click anywhere in this text!

All Residential Boise Real Estate in the MLS is on Boise Realty Store!  Boise Multiple Listing Service.  Boise homes for sale!  Meridian Idaho homes for sale!  Eagle Idaho homes for sale!

Know what Realtors know by clicking on Realtor® Magazine Online! 

Find the right Boise Idaho area Realtor® to buy your home in Boise Idaho, Meridian Idaho, Eagle Idaho, Nampa Idaho, Caldwell Idaho,  Ada County, Boise County, Canyon County or Gem County Idaho here!  Please go to the side buttons to meet us!

Find rural property ideal for recreation, hunting, fishing, retreats for families, businesses, churches, corporations.  

Call Broker/Realtor® Jon Gosche at 208-870-2115 and after listening to your wants and needs he will refer you to the most appropriate, best agent for you and, or set you up with a unique personal search, impossible to do other than using the original Intermountain MLS system customized automatic search system!

Automatic Boise area multiple listings with all new listings sent to your email box the very minute that a new property is listed!  Click here!

Search the Boise MLS yourself by clicking here!

Why use an e-Pro?      Buyer's Agent Specialists!     Why use a GRI!  

More training, professionalism and experience.  Click on Why use e-PRO and GRI above!

Do all your searching and browsing anonymously! No sign up is necessary!  All residential listings for Boise Real Estate are right here!

X When viewing a real estate or home listing if you want an address or more information, click on contact an agent on upper right of the listing.  No need to put contact information unless you want to.  Just ask for what you want and it will be sent to you by email!  Call me anytime for help at 208-321-8633 or 208-870-2115!

We are buyer's agent specialists and our goal is to provide all the information that you want and need to do home searching with no pressure from an agent to buy.  We don't want to sell you a house.  We want to help you find and buy whatever is your dream and get the best deal possible.  From finding a low interest loan to getting out of paying closing costs.  Don't make the mistake of dealing directly with listing agents!  Their job is to get the best deal for the seller.  Our Job is to get the best deal for YOU!  Want to know how much the owner paid for the house they are selling and when?  Don't bother asking the listing agent.  He can't tell you.  I can!  

Public online listings are usually only updated daily or even less often.  We can set you up with an automatic search that will send you new listings that match your criteria immediately, real time whenever ANY Realtor® lists a listing that matches your search!  That way you can be the first to see the new listings even before agents have a chance to find them!  You get addresses, directions and full details.

You can bypass us and go directly to a selling agent.  But please take a minute and read why you should use me as your Exclusive Buyer's Agent.  We will help you find what YOU want.  We will save you lots of time. We can save you money!  The Multiple Listings link takes you to the MLS (Multiple Listing System).  All information is uploaded by the listing Broker. There are more details including addresses that are not allowed to be published on the internet.  But the detailed listings that we email to you have everything.  Addresses, directions, etc.  Email to us for more information on whatever you find anywhere.

When you find homes that you want to see inside please call me or one of my top producer agents and I will get you in at your convenience!  208-870-2115.

  1. The listing agent has a contract with the seller.  It is his or her contractual responsibility to get the best deal for the seller.  There is a conflict of interest representing both buyer and seller.  A dual agent cannot act exclusively in your best interest.  I will help you find out all that you can about the property and everything that I can that may give you an edge in negotiating the best possible deal.  (What the seller paid?  How long have they owned it? What is the assessed value? etc.)  CLICK HERE TO GET THE LOWDOWN ON AGENCY LAW IN IDAHO FROM THE IDAHO REAL ESTATE COMMISSION!

  2. When you are ready to view homes we will show you anything that you want to see no mater who the listing agency is.  We can schedule to see several houses listed by different agencies all in the same block of time at YOUR convenience.

  3. You pay no fee for an exclusive agent who will represent YOU rather than the seller.  

  4. We will make sure that you pay as little closing fees as possible. (Most closing costs can be paid by either buyer or seller and are negotiable.)   

  5. We will provide you with contacts for lenders, home inspectors, home warranties, and other services that you may need or want.  

  6. We will coordinate everything for you from your offer to closing.  We will make sure that all preliminary work is done on a schedule so you can close on time without hassle.

Please call me and talk with me about how I can help you have a great home buying experience. 208-870-2115.  Or e-mail to 

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