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Existing home sales up 7.2% in July 2009 and up 3.6% in June2009!  We have also seen multiple counter offers on foreclosures.  Call one of our Real Estate agents to get on an automatic MLS search free!  Read below.  Real Estate agents always say it is a good market to buy right?  Read bellow, not us.  I was openly negative over the past few years.  But now for the first time in years we are having lower inventory and increasing month over month sales.  Now is the time to at least look.  Get on an auto search so you can easily see the market change over the next few months.  Call me or one of my agents and you will never get pressure or hype to buy.

If you need address or directions and don't want to sign in with your email and password just call the agent on the listing or any agent on and we will give you anything you want and never call you back unless you ask us to.

Our online MLS is one of the first two ever done in the Boise area that is still in existence.  The online home searches are constantly changing and improving.  We want to provide the most information we can so you can get it without having to have a Realtor® calling you when you don't want a call.  And we won't do that.  But I want you to know that if you will call one of my agents (any who show up on a listing or on the homepage), in about 5 minutes they can set up an automatic search in the original IMLS data base.  This will be private and very specific.  You will get automatic emails with all new listings and price changes that fit your criteria.  You will get the same, original data just like a Realtor® with address, directions, taxes, and complete information so you can drive by, compare and do everything that you want to without an agent.  The search will give you ALL listings from ALL Real Estate companies.

We are buyer agents specialists.  We do not look for listings.  We do list homes for past clients and referred people who contact us first.  But we specialize in helping buyers find and get the best deal they can on the home they want.

If you call one of my agents and set up this search I promise you the following:

  1. You will get all new listings real time as soon as listed so you will have them even before Realtors® have had time to search them manually.

  2. You can opt out anytime just by clicking the opt out at the bottom of the email that you get.

  3. You can call us anytime to get more information like deeds of trust, and other information that the listing agents will not give you.

  4. You can call us and see multiple homes for sale even if they are all listed by different agents at a time convenient for you.

  5. If you have a lender that you want to use we will be happy to work with him or her to make your purchase as simple as possible.

  6. We will make sure when you are ready to buy what you want that you have all the information that you need to make a strategic offer to get the price you want.

  7. We will also make sure you are aware of closing costs and help you structure your sale so the seller will pay everything possible so you pay the least closing costs possible.  This can amount to hundreds and even thousands of dollars.

So if you are serious about getting easy, complete, timely information without any pressure to commit to a Realtor® before you are ready please call one of us.  You will be glad you did.  We are a different breed of Real Estate agents.  We will NEVER try to influence you to buy.  We will commit to you before you commit to us because that is the way it should be.

One last thing.  People often think because our photos and information are on the listings that we represent the sellers.  We do not.  If you go to the bottom of the listing it is going to say courtesy of some Real Estate company.  If we represent the seller it will say Jon Gosche Real Estate.  99.9% won't.  We will represent YOU.  Not the seller.  So now that you know I hope you enjoy searching yourself on the Best Boise area MLS online.  But get even better service easier.  Spend five or ten minutes on the phone with one of my agents.  They all have lots of experience and most are circle of excellence agents.

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