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The Brokers Council of Idaho is a coalition of Independent Brokers in the Treasure Valley area who cooperate together forming a network of Realtors® and Brokers to better serve the people of Southwest Idaho.  Independent Brokers sell approximately 45% of the Real Estate in the Boise area.  Brokers Council members meet as a group weekly to present listings to each other, and to tour members homes and properties.  We also have speakers present programs on financing, home inspections, advertising, staging, and other areas of interest to home buyers and sellers.  Brokers Council members actively network to help fellow members market their clients properties and find properties for buyers Clients.  As an active member of the Brokers Council of Idaho, I want to express my appreciation to my fellow members for all the help and support.  

With scores of Real Estate Companies we at Jon Gosche Real Estate believe that it is in your best interest to understand some of the information below to help you make an informed choice when you select your real estate professional. 

  1. Realtor®:  Not all agents and Brokers are Realtors®!  Realtors® are agents and Brokers who are members of the National Association of Realtors®.  NAR members subscribe to the strict ethical code of the NAR.  They are also members of the MLS (multiple listing system) and are the only people who have access to the complete MLS data base.

  2. Broker:  A broker is a real estate professional who has worked as a licensed real estate agent for at least two years under a broker, and has taken additional classroom training, and has passed state board exams given by the Real Estate Commission and is licensed as a Real Estate Broker.

  3. Designated Broker:  Each Real Estate office by Idaho Law must have one and only one designated broker.  All other Real Estate agents and Brokers in the office work under the license of the Designated Broker.  It is the responsibility of the Designated Broker to oversee all agents and Brokers of the company.  It is the Designated Broker who has the contract with clients.

  4. Franchise Real Estate Company:  Many Real Estate Companies (agencies) have brand names attached to their company name.  These companies obtain a franchise, usually through the purchase of a franchise.  They acquire the rights to use the logos, and agree to conform to the rules of the franchise.  Although the company may be a privately owned company, they are affiliated with other companies of the same franchise through advertising, office policies, office models, and other things.  Many franchises have relocation programs where agencies from other parts of the country refer customers and clients to local companies or agents.  Some people may think that they are just one large national company.  Usually this is not the case.  Usually they are privately owned offices with a franchise. Franchise Realtors® network with all Realtors®, not just others of the same brand name.  (See Realtors® above for more information).

  5. Independent Brokerage:  This is an unbranded company.  It is a company that may be owned by one or more owners just like a franchise.  As an independent company, the company pays no franchise fee and is not bound to conduct business according to the rules of a franchise agreement.  Independent Brokerages for residential property are almost always Realtors® and network with franchise and unfranchised Realtors®.  They are held to the same high standards as any Realtor®.  However we are not encumbered by franchise rules, fees.  I believe that this gives us the freedom to operate to serve the best interest of our clients and customers.

  6. Real Estate agent:  A person licensed by the state to work under a broker aiding clients and customers with the purchase and sales of Real Estate.  Real Estate agents in Idaho MUST work under a Broker.  They are the agent of a Broker.  Their Broker is responsible to oversee their work.  Customers and Clients are actually customers and clients of the designated Broker of a particular office.  The Real Estate agent is generally a subcontractor of the agent acting as an agent of the Broker and a sub agent of the client or customer. 

  7. Exclusive Buyer's Broker/Agent: A Real Estate agent or Broker who is exclusively representing the buyer in a transaction.  He or she is not in representing the seller.  Your exclusive buyer's agent can and should find out and reveal information to you about the seller and the property that you are buying that the seller's agent can not reveal to you, like last sale price, liens due and other things that will help you as the buyer have an advantage by knowing. This  Broker and Agent not only hold the buyer's information confidentially, but act solely in the best interest of the buyer.

  8. Exclusive Seller's Broker/Agent:  A Real Estate agent or Broker who is representing only the buyer in a transaction.  That Broker and Agent not only hold the seller's information confidentially, but act solely in the best interest of the seller.

  9. Dual Agent:  This is a Broker or agent that has an agency agreement with both the buyer and the seller.  The dual agent is to hold both buy's and seller's information confidentially and is not to act in any way to give an edge to either.  The dual agent takes the role of a mediator and facilitator and works for both buyer and seller to facilitate a transaction. Click here to see the Idaho Agency Brochure.



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