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Boise area MLS update better than daily!  Automatic, real time MLS updates as soon as any Realtor from ANY Boise, Nampa, Eagle, Idaho area Real Estate company lists a new property, home, homes or land that fit your exact search criteria!  

The multiple listing service data base on the internet is great.  We think this one is the best!  But as good as it is, about 10% of listings are not anywhere on the web were the public has access.  This is because some brokers and sellers do not allow their listings to be on the internet.  Because of this you may want to have us search the original data base for you.  If you give us your criteria we will search the original MLS data base and email the detailed listings to you so you have ALL listings that fit your search criteria. Then you will get all new listings that ANY Realtor from any company lists immediately, real time.  You will literally get the new listings in your email before Real Estate agents have a chance to look them up!  You will always be able to stop receiving listings by clicking OPT OUT at the bottom of your email.  Even better, just call one of my agents and in about five minutes we can set your search up.  If you fill out the form below we may need to call you to clarify some search criteria and by filling it out you are giving us permission to contact you once even if you are on the no call list.  

      Early Birds get the worm! Watch this short video! If you like it, call one of us to get set up or email to one of us asking how you can set it up yourself without a call.  Or just fill out the form below.

Be the first to see the new listings!   Get new listings immediately and have a chance before the pros skim the cream.  Up till now only Realtors have had access to real time new listings.  You can see them even before they do!

Initially we will email to you all matches with your criteria from Intermountain Regional Multiple Listing Service, complete with addresses and directions. Then you will receive all new listings that are matches to your criteria Immediately whenever a Realtor anywhere lists a property that matches what you are looking for. You will literally have the new listings before Realtors have a chance to see them! Drive by these properties and then contact one of us to get you inside.  We will not give sell or loan your information to anyone, and use it only to get to you the information that you ask for.  You can opt out anytime.  If you send this you are giving us permission to contact you by phone one time to make sure you are getting what you want and to may any adjustments to the search that may be needed.

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