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USA Realtor® referral service.  Real Estate Referral Network.

Get a prescreened Real Estate agent for buying or selling your home anywhere in the USA!

Find a real estate agent where you are selling or where you are moving to without guessing.

For Boise, Meridian, Eagle, Kuna, Nampa, Caldwell or in the Treasure Valley or Boise County the Realtors® that you find on the left tabs are my own, hand picked, qualified agents with years of experience.  We are not a company that signs up anyone with a Real Estate license.  

If you are buying or selling a home anywhere in the US I will interview agents in your area for you while you remain anonymous.  No online information to fill out.  Email Jon at   Tell me where you are buying or selling or both.  Tell me your name, phone number and a number where I can reach you and a time to call.  Before you do, click on meet Jon Gosche.

USA Realtor® referral service.  Referral Network. I will find a Pre-Screened interviewed Real Estate agent Anywhere In the USA!  This is a different way to find the best, most experienced agent that will fit you whether you are a home buyer or a home seller. Skip to the next paragraph so I can tell you how this is more efficient and more confidential than any other real estate referral service.

Most Online referral services work like this:  The site mass advertises to Realtors® and real estate agents.  The agents pay a fee.  They enter any profile information they want to which is rarely if ever verified.  Obviously I don't know Realtors® everywhere.  But where I don't, I know where to look.  After you talk to me and tell me what you have to sell, what you want to do, or what and where you want to buy I will call agents and will screen them.  I will verify their profile, I will talk to their Brokers and I will even negotiate commission for you.  I will charge you nothing directly.  I will get a referral fee from the agent if you choose him or her.  But that will come out of the agents commission and will not impact a commission you pay.  If you are a buyer, usually the seller already has a commission offered to the buyer agent.  You just need a great agent who can find what you want, negotiate the best deal, and help you through the sale.  If you are a seller and have a high priced house I may find you someone who will give you true full service at a discount.  If you have a low priced house you will probably pay 6% commission, but you will get an agent who I will make sure is a seasoned professional.  Not just referral service paying customer. 

  1. I will NOT give your information to an agent without your request.  I will give you up to three agents to contact who I have screened.

  2. All agents will be Realtors® who will have had criminal background checks.

  3. I will check for any ethics violations.

  4. If you are a seller I will discuss commission and fees.

  5. I will check their current license.

  6. I will keep in contact with both you and your agent during your buying and or selling process and make sure that you are getting top priority care.

  7. Forms don't work.  You need a consultation with me so I can thoroughly screen your potential agent.  So email now.  Jon Gosche Name, phone number, and the time to call you.  I will usually be able to call within 24 hours but give me 48 just in case. 

 Call me and let's talk.  I have been buying and selling Real Estate as an investor, an owner and a broker for over 30 years.  I know what a good agent is, what a difference it makes and how to find the right one for you.  Call me, Jon Gosche at 208-870-2115.  Click on meet Jon Gosche on the tab on the right to meet me online and see my history.

Here is where you can find a local Real Estate Agent (Realtor®) in your area.   Don't just sign up for a web referral service that will send you to an agent that pays for leads.  Call Jon Gosche at 208-870-2115 and I will interview agents and give you names of agents who will work for you based on your needs and wants.

Over the last few years lots of people in a rush to buy investment real estate have gone to real estate guru seminars promising that you can get rich with no down payment and no money of your own in real estate.  Many Real Estate "professionals" have more often than not been eager to encourage people to get over leveraged.  And now many are in the dump it mode.  Read one young investor's  HORROR STORY by clicking on this!   I suggest reading his web page with this disclaimer:  There are good and bad lessons on his blog. Both from him and his readers.  This I know.  Buying more than you can afford, over leveraging real estate or any investment is dangerous.  Wrap around contracts usually don't work today because loans have due on sales clauses.  Lying on loan applications is fraud and can get you sent to jail.  Lots of people have made lots of money in real estate.  But lots of people have lost their shirts!  I love real estate and have been an investor for over 30 years.  But no one I know is a fortune teller.  Real Estate is a market and it goes up and down.  Rents go up and down.  I wouldn't let anyone sell you on property or on a so called "real estate" system.  Over the long run though owning a home to live in that you can afford has turned out to be a good thing.  House flipping for most people is gambling.  Buying foreclosures to flip is for professionals who really know what they are doing.  Building a real estate portfolio gradually, with a low debt ratio for some people is a great way to build wealth.  Trying to get rich quick works for some.  But not for many.  Honesty and integrity are priceless.

Moving out of Boise or anywhere in Idaho?  Or from anywhere to anywhere in the country? Call me, Jon Gosche at 208-870-2115, let me know where you want to go and I will interview an agent for you!

The links below are exchange links from other Real Estate Web sites in every State in the Country.  However I do not necessarily recommend any of them.  They are here for your convenience and because they have asked for link exchanges.  However, if you are moving to a new part of the country I would be happy to interview Realtors® for you. 

If you are selling and looking for a Realtor® I can do independent interviews at no charge for you.  I can find out your particular needs.  If facing foreclosure, behind in payments, upside down, I can talk to you about short sales so you can avoid bankruptcy and find a Real Estate agent in your area who will know how to handle your situation.  No charge to you from me.  I will usually get part of the commission of the agent I find as a referral fee.  But part of my negotiation for you is to make sure you get someone who knows what they are doing.  If you want to know how to know if I know what I am doing click on meet Jon Gosche at the left.  Call me.  208-870-2115.   Let me hear your story.!          

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Call me, Jon Gosche at 208-870-2115, let me know where you want to go



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