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Beware of listing agents if you are buying a home in Boise! You need an exclusive Boise Buyer agent especially if you are a Boise first time home buyer.

Why you should call one of us and use an exclusive buyer's agent instead of contacting a listing agent for a Boise Idaho area home for sale.

Listing agents are working for the seller.  They have a contract with the seller to represent not you.

Listing agents cannot give you personal information like show you the deeds of trust to see how much the seller owes, what they paid for the home, how long they have owned it, if they are under pressure to sell, and other things that can greatly affect the price they will sell for.  We can and we do.  Often this information is available somewhere and we know how to get it.

Listing agents are going to try to justify the asking price.  We are going to justify YOUR offer with comparable sold homes and other comparable homes for sale.

When you use yahoo,, and most of the syndicated, national MLS web sites you are not getting all listings in the areas multiple listing data base.  Only listing agents who allow their listings.  Many brokers do not allow agents to list in these public sites so you are not getting all listings.  This is true with, but the seller has to direct not to be listed in our data base while the broker has to subscribe to the national sites so it has the reverse affect.  Almost 100% of listed property in southwestern Idaho is on and if you call one of us and have us set up an automatic search you will get ALL listings that match your search criteria, even those withheld from any public search.

Listing agents WILL tell their seller anything that they find out about you unless they also have a buyer's contract with you.  But then they cannot tell either you or the seller anything without the permission of the owner of the confidence.  So NEVER tell anything to any Realtor® who you do not have a signed representation agreement and if they show you a house that they are listing legally have to disclose that to you and disclose that they cannot represent you exclusively.  In Idaho they can at best do dual agency.  CLICK HERE TO GET THE LOWDOWN ON AGENCY LAW IN IDAHO FROM THE IDAHO REAL ESTATE COMMISSION!

National MLS searches like, yahoo, and other similar so called MLS sites refer you to the listing agent.  The listing agent is contracted with the seller to sell for as much as possible and get the best deal for the seller.  You get the reverse with MLS.  You get all the listings.  If you want the listing agent you can get it, but because the selling agents first allegiance has to be to his seller client you don't want to deal directly with him or her.  Because:

  1. The listing agent has a contract with the seller.  It is his or her contractual responsibility to get the best deal for the seller.  There is a conflict of interest representing both buyer and seller.  A dual agent cannot act exclusively in your best interest.  We will help you find out all that you can about the property and everything that we can that may give you an edge in negotiating the best possible deal.  (What the seller paid?  How long have they owned it? What is the assessed value? etc.)  CLICK HERE TO GET THE LOWDOWN ON AGENCY LAW IN IDAHO FROM THE IDAHO REAL ESTATE COMMISSION!

  2. When you are ready to view homes we will show you anything that you want to see no mater who the listing agency is.  We can schedule to see several houses listed by different agencies all in the same block of time at YOUR convenience.

  3. You pay no fee for an exclusive agent who will represent YOU rather than the seller.  

  4. We will make sure that you pay as little closing fees as possible. (Most closing costs can be paid by either buyer or seller and are negotiable.)   

  5. We will provide you with contacts for lenders, home inspectors, home warranties, and other services that you may need or want.  

  6. We will coordinate everything for you from your offer to closing.  We will make sure that all preliminary work is done on a schedule so you can close on time without hassle.

Do we list?  Yes.  Can we represent you as an exclusive buyer's agent?  Yes, but not when buying a home we are listing.  Then we can represent you and the seller with both of your knowledge and agreement as a "dual agent".  However, this rarely happens because we do not solicit listing except for distressed property like property that is a possible short sale.  We also list property that past clients own and call us.  We will show you property that we are listing ony if it meets your needs.  We can represent you as a dual agent if both you and the seller are informed and understand what that entails.  Should the unlikely occurrence occur we will inform you and either enter a dual agency agreement with you and the seller or we will refer you to another agency even if you have already signed a buyers agreement with us.

This is why it is important that you click on the Agency law information from the Idaho Real Estate Commission that we linked to above.  Here it is again.  CLICK HERE TO GET THE LOWDOWN ON AGENCY LAW IN IDAHO FROM THE IDAHO REAL ESTATE COMMISSION!

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