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Why and how we will give you Boise , Meridian, Eagle, Kuna, and Nampa Real Estate information without invading your privacy!

Since I started in 1999 there have been thousands of other real estate web sites that have tried to duplicate it.  I started with a different premise.  I wanted to give free, easy access to the Realtor® multiple listing system so you home buyers and sellers could easily get listing information without signing an agreement binding you to HAVE to use an agent even if you were not getting service that you should.   Too often agents get in the middle and actually hinder your ability to get information.

Of course we want to get your business.  But we want to do it by first giving you what you want and build a trusting relationship with you.  All states have agency laws and you should click on this link and print and read the Idaho Real Estate Agency Law Brochure.  To have your privacy protected you need to know this information.

We have different levels of personal data collection from our users, but you can access the MLS and search anonymously from several of our webs.  If you want an address just call one of our agents and we will tell you what you want.  We are only allowed to put certain information online.  But we can email the original MLS listing to you and we can enter a private search for you where you will get all listings real time as soon as ANY Realtor® lists a property that fits.   We will NOT try to get you to sign contracts, agreements, or commit to us before you WANT to.

When you do sign a buyer or seller agreement it is a two way agreement.  But it's primary purpose, by Idaho Law is to protect you as a consumer.  Please call one of us and talk to us.  We can help you get financing and listings and just BE THERE when you want and need help.  We want to prove our value and loyalty to you.  Also check out

If you are looking for land or lots none of the secondary MLS searches that are online work really well.  But we can set up a search in the original MLS that can search by price, area, size, and even subdivision.