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Sell your Home in Boise, Meridian, Eagle, Nampa, Caldwell, or Middleton.  Exclusive Seller agents!  Solution to expired listings!

The fastest way to sell your home in Boise:  Call Jon Gosche 870-2115 for Boise area house values!

This web page is one of our main portals to the BEST public MLS in Boise and the area.  Click on the best MLS tab at the left which is to   It is the most state of the art Real Estate website you will find in Boise.  This website gets between 200 and 300 users per day regularly.  People looking for homes go to for the best public home search there is.  That site also gets a lot of other pay for click traffic from HomeGain and other sources too.  If you list your home with a Realtor® one of the most important things is to be listed with one who has a state of the art Boise multiple listing service for buyers and one that gets lots of buyer traffic.  This is it.

Think about selling your home as a short sale? Go here.

Is your agent moonlighting? 

Lately I have called several listing agents about their listings and NO ANSWER!  They call back at 7:PM and say sorry for taking so long to get back to you but I WORK during the day!  Is your agent a moonlighter?  Moonlighting selling your house!  You need an agent to be full time!  Especially now.  Call me or one of my agents.  Full time, full service.  Yes we sleep and take days of but we work full time and cover each other so you won't miss possible sales because your agent is WORKING AT A DIFFERENT JOB!  Buyers don't wait.  They go somewhere else.

For Sale by Owner, Flat fee listings?  Sellers Beware!

If you are a Boise area home seller there is a lot of information on this page and I hope you will go below the chart.  But I want you to see this.  It is the usage tracker for  90% of buyers are shopping online.  Many from all over the country.  Our daily average in March 2010 was 291 users per DAY!  316 in Nov 2009! We do not solicit sellers with letters, cards, "farming" or any other way than referrals from past clients, returning clients, and web contacts.  We spend our time and energy looking for Buyers.   So think where you want your home listed.  Many "seller agents" spend most of their time farming and marketing to find Home Sellers; not Home Buyers!  You need someone looking for BUYERS to sell your home, not more sellers!  I If you are considering listing with someone else, ask them to show you their web site and there usage statistics.  The most powerful home marketing IS the internet.  When someone types Boise Realty in the Google or yahoo search box, you want your home to be on  f your listing is about to expire call me for a consultation.  Jon Gosche 870-2115.

If you need to sell you need to be on a high traffic web site!  Google Boise Realty and see who is number 1!  If you need to sell you need Jon Gosche Real Estate and  First in short sales.  We have done more short sales than companies with HUNDREDS of agents!  We can prove it.  Call me, Jon Gosche at 208-870-2115 and I will get the Realtor® in my company that will best serve your needs.  Or I will do it myself!  Top dollar for your home.  No patronizing, just statistics.  If you need to sell don't fool around.  Call me, Jon at 208-870-2115 today and let me help.

May 2011 average per day unique user visits 250!  Most users end up on to search and your home can be a featured listing!  Use agents who spend their time looking for buyers!  If you need to do a short sale call Jon Gosche at 208-870-2115 for a short sale package and all the information you need.  We have closed in as short a time as 5 weeks after listing.

Did your home listing expire unsold?  Then get 20 calls from Realtors®?  Be ready for the phone sale.  Read my approach below please because I won't be calling you.  I will be busy calling buyers!

Most buyers look for homes on the internet.  This is the only Boise Idaho Real Estate page that I have found that encourages you to look at our WEB STATS!   Do you want to list with  agents who spend all their time looking for sellers?  We spend 90% of our time looking for BUYERS!  Notice that hits are not the same as visits.  Visits are individual users.  Hits are the number of times they click on something on the web.  Before you list or pay a For Sale Buy Owner fee call me.  208-870-2115.  Read on please if you are considering selling.




Summary by Month


Daily Avg Monthly Totals
Hits Files Pages Visits Sites KBytes Visits Pages Files Hits
Jun 2013 3217 2945 2169 299 1251 567440 2992 21691 29452 32177
May 2013 2691 2381 1804 310 3099 2054683 9639 55937 73823 83445
Apr 2013 2281 1956 1322 360 2870 1783391 10803 39661 58707 68453
Mar 2013 1823 1500 815 318 2956 1414345 9877 25279 46529 56522
Feb 2013 1517 1259 687 237 2588 1159648 6643 19259 35273 42484
Jan 2013 1841 1613 981 212 2419 1060350 6588 30411 50005 57084
Dec 2012 1764 1557 1014 253 2864 1216507 7849 31460 48267 54688
Nov 2012 1764 1574 946 230 2176 945684 6918 28408 47221 52941
Oct 2012 1596 1363 767 227 2060 854609 7052 23787 42254 49478
Sep 2012 1854 1589 591 214 2067 750719 6435 17736 47698 55649
Aug 2012 1856 1623 873 200 1874 935526 6213 27064 50316 57555
Jul 2012 1739 1477 648 210 1972 955844 6536 20112 45807 53932








All Idaho Home sales statistics!  Click Here to see how homes are selling in Idaho!  Boise Home sales statistics year over year comparisons.

Then click on Ada County for Boise, Meridian, and Eagle and Kuna Home sales.  Click on Canyon County for Nampa and Caldwell Home sales statistics


According to National Association of Realtors, 93% of all home buyers do at least part of their search on the internet!  According to a recent real estate article I read (from a large successful Real Estate company and lead generating service), less than two thirds of agents have web sites and those that do bring very little business.  Two of our agents were recently at a real estate seminar when the instructor asked how many of the audience had web sites that generate over $30,000 per year.  Out of about 130 people only 14 hands went up and two were MY AGENTS!  They couldn't believe it because almost ALL of our first time business comes from the internet and we have hundreds of closings directly generated from!

In the month of May 2013 averaged 299users per day!   Our non intrusive approach encourages them to continue to use it.   A hit is counted every time a user clicks on a a button or a link.  It is proof that the users who come to us stay here and use the site.  They click on listings, agents, in house listings and use the site.

Most of our agents have well over the average number of transactions that individual Realtors® have.  We know the key to selling is finding BUYERS, not sellers.  We spend little time soliciting listings.  We get lots of calls about property, set up lots of automatic listing searches and do not pressure people to give out a lot of information.  We quickly and efficiently give buyers information and by doing that we convert a lot of users into buyer clients.

So Here is my question to you as a Seller:  Who do you want to list with.  Someone that spends all their time looking for sellers to LIST their homes; or someone who spends most of their time looking for BUYERS?  Buyer agents SELL HOMES!  Listing agents spend most of their time finding Listings for Buyers agents to sell! What's more is seller's agents who spend little time with buyers looking for homes are often shooting from the hip and listing for whatever price the seller wants.  Even if it is an unrealistic price because they have to get listings.  Once they got you, and no one is looking, then they start talking about "adjusting" (DROPPING) your price.  You get more by pricing right in the first place and get a LOT of exposure.  And these days it ain't signs and open houses.  It is the internet!  Call me, Jon Gosche at 208-870-2115 or click on one of my great agents to talk to us about how we can list your home on the MLS and on and get you the most money possible for you!

Read on!

Beware of bait and switch Real Estate agencies who claim to have a flat full service fee!  Some of the most well know brand names offer $2,995 flat fee and insinuate that you get full service.  You DON'T even get listed in the MLS (Multiple Listing Service)!  You get listed on their private web page!  Then to get real full service they ratchet up the cost after they have your $2,995 in the BANK!   Don't be tricked by non Realtor® do it yourself companies.  Most For sale by owner  sellers end up involving Real Estate Professionals after they have wasted a lot of money on the so called flat fee schemes.  You can always negotiate commission with any reputable Real Estate company.  Yes I want you to use us.  But if not use a pro.  Use a Realtor®!  Realtors® are regulated, licensed, and have high ethical standards to be able to carry the title of Realtor®!  You wouldn't let a car mechanic take out your appendix!  Don't try to use advertiser sell YOU on using them to sell your house!  

Know what you are getting into before you lock in to a sellers contract!  Sales commissions are always negotiable. Before you lock into a contract or spend a bunch of money call Jon Gosche.  Test our web positioning by going to a search engine and putting in Boise, Nampa, Meridian, or Eagle, multiple listings.  Sellers need to be positioned to attract BUYERS NOT SELLERS!  Finding BUYERS is our focus!  Read the eight reasons to choose Jon Gosche Real Estate and to help you sell your home and get the most for the least!

Beware of the bait and switch Real Estate companies.  One particular company advertises that it charges a flat fee of $2,995 to assist you 2 sell. Another will Help U Sell! They have MLS on their signs and advertising and giving the impression that you get full service for that (actually high) flat fee price.  But you don't even get in the MLS!  You just get on their own web page.  90% of buyers use Realtors®!  For a Realtor® to see your listing in must be in the MLS (Multiple Listing Service)!  Once you start and are locked into a contract with this particular ASSISTANCE for you to SELL company and see you are NOT getting lookers they step you up to full commission service!  Another company claims to help you sell.  Similar beware.  I can't name the companies because one has already threatened to SUE ME for even mentioning their names!

  1. We spend our time finding buyers, not sellers.  This web site has 3,500 to 4,000+ users per month.  Go to and put in Boise Realty.  We will be the first or second site out of thousands.  Go to and put in Boise Realty.  We are the number 1 or 2 listing out of over 81,000!  On yahoo Boise Real Estate pulls us up number 4 to 7 and Boise Real Estate MLS is number ONE!  On most major searches using common buyer search words like Boise buyer's agent, Best Boise Realtors and others we are one or close and usually on the first page.  We also have direct links with and other national web sites and several local real estate sites in other areas from Arizona to Alaska.

  2. Small Company service: Each real estate office has only one responsible broker.  Our company has 6 agents and a broker.  You will never be dealing with a non Realtor® receptionist or secretary.  You will always have the help of an experience professional with immediate access to the company broker.

  3. Huge network:  We network with over 30 member offices of the Brokers Council of Idaho and all offices that are members of Intermountain Multiple Listing Service. 45% of real estate in the Boise area are sold by Independent Brokers!

  4. Fast Sale: Half of the homes that I have listed in the past year sold in less than 30 days!

  5. Comparative Market Analyses:  No guessing.  We will do a thorough market analyses and make sure you get the most for your home possible.

  6. Internet Marketing:  Your home will be listed on ALL of the most used web pages.

  7. Homes and Land:  Your home will be presented in the classiest Real Estate magazine in town.

  8. Hands on Broker Service:  Your home marketing and sale will be handled by a broker.  It will not be passed down to an assistant.

  9. Competitive commission:  I may negotiate your sales commission with you and come to an agreed upon commission based on your property.  The NAR says that Realtor® sold property sells on the average for 16% more than non for sale buy owner property.  Commissions may be split with buyers or sellers.  That is why we won't have a written agreement with 1% commission like the desperate agents.  Sometimes that backfires.  Sometimes a buyer needs help and you the seller do too.  Sometimes we negotiate commissions at the time of an offer or pay for closing costs.

  10. Satisfaction guaranteed:  I will not lock you into a contract that you cannot get out of.  If you are not satisfied with my service, you can break our sales contract anytime prior to our procurement of a pending sales contract!  I will put this in writing.

Your listing will not be hidden in a private Realtors® data base, but will be published on the world wide web for all serious home buyers to find easily!  Just think how easy it was for you to get here!  Click here to check out see multiple listings! 

Call ME, Jon Gosche today and interview me concerning selling your home.  Get the high quality service that you deserve, need, and want!  I will either take you on as a client myself or have you hook up with one of my top selling agents!  (Most are better looking than me!)  Evening and weekend calls are welcomed.  208-870-2115.

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