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Why Buy Now?  Why Sell Now?

Why buy a home now?

  1. Interest is at a historical low.

  2. Home prices have dropped 40% and up to over 60% for some areas and some price ranges.

  3. Loans may get harder to get.  There are still FHA loans available that require a 3% to 5% down payment.  There are even some 100% loans.

  4. If you buy in Star, Kuna, Boise County and Rural Ada and Canyon counties there are RD loans that are 100%.  They may go away!

Why sell your home now?

  1. If you are going to have to move there are predictions that homes will possibly drop 20% more from what they are worth on 3-3-2009!

  2. If you are moving up or out you are going to be able to buy a different house for much less than before and very probably in the future.  If you are selling a smaller home you are going to sell for a less percentage loss than you are going gain on a purchase of a higher priced home.  And interest rates are low.

  3. If you are upside down lenders are willing to take less than you owe for payoff.  Up to 50%!  If you are heading for foreclosure or bankruptcy you may avoid credit damage with a short sale.  It will affect your credit but not like a foreclosure.

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